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Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Sax Man — Sex Man — Sex God" - Bill Pullman on Lost Highway

Spent the better part of this afternoon creating nice little give-aways for the Spin & Gin show... will surely need to make more, I think they'll be really hot. Started cutting a fabric pattern for a Jughead crown I'm making for myself to wear to the show. I'll have to hit the fabric store sometime next week and see if I can find myself some good grey material... maybe felt would be the best ticket.


- He got his name, Forsythe Pendleton Jones, from an uncle who fought in the Revolutionary War. (Schaefer's middle name is Arthur... he got that name from his Grandfather)
- Jughead's parents are Timothy and Gladys Jones. (Schaefer's parents are Jim and Daryl Schaefer)
- Jughead's sister is known as Jellybean, because she was born in a traffic jam caused by a hijacked jellybean truck. (Schaefer has no sister, but was born in a blizzard)
- Jughead has had his dog, Hot Dog, since he was Little Jughead. (Schaefer's family has always had dogs... Schaefer dislikes them)
- Jughead has a special pin for his beanie that if worn attracts females like magic. (so does Schaefer)
- The reason why Jughead doesn't like girls? He had a childhood sweetheart named Joani Jumpp, and when they were 6, Jughead's family moved to Riverdale, and had to leave Joani behind. Determined not to go through the heartbreak again, he swore off girls. (Schaefer doesn't like good girls... just the bad ones)
- Jughead's first kiss was given to him by Joani Jumpp when she came to Riverdale to surprise Jughead. (Schaefer's first kiss was given to him durning a round of spin the bottle... the girl punched him after the kiss)
- Jughead wears a grey beanie in Little Archie and as a teenager, but in the New Archies, his beanie is pink! (Schaefer is sewing his own grey beanie)
- Jughead is anti-work, but he has held jobs at Pop Tate's and volunteers to be a clown at a local children's hospital. (Schaefer is anti-work as well... but he has to make money to buy paint somehow... he has also been called a clown in public places)
- Jughead never got a school letter, but Hot Dog did for being the team mascot for all Riverdale High teams. (Schaefer got a school letter.. but he doesn't like to say why)
- To this day, the letter "S" on Jughead's sweatshirt is the biggest secret that Archie Comics has ever kept. It was almost revealled in Jughead #1, but at the last moment kept under wraps. (We know the S is for Schaefer)
- Jughead plays the drums for the Archies. (Schaefer plays drums too)

I want to be just like Jughead. I think his lifestyle choices are the best. However I do have one puzzeling question about the man. Why did he give up girls? There's nothing wrong with them. Why would he do this?

Thanks — Jughead Junkie

Dear Jughead Junkie,
It seems that from the very start, in his very first appearance in PEP COMICS #22, Jughead hasn't had much interest in girls. How could he even have time? There's too much food to eat and too many naps to take! Be that as it may, Jughead has had more than his fair share or run-in's with the fair (and not-so-fair) maidens...
One of the first was Ophelia, who terrorized Jughead in the 1940s. Later, Ophelia evolved into Big Ethel, who was forever chasing Jughead despite the fact that he was unreceptive to her attentions! But there were a few girls that Jughead took seriously-- some he even dated for a time!
The most famous would have to be Joani and Debbie. This duo provided Jughead with his own Betty/Veronica-type love triangle, and was the result of Jughead donning a new beanie that made him irresistible to women! It was also introduced during a time when the Archie editors thought they should try something new with Jughead. While there were some readers who really enjoyed these stories, the overwhelming public demand was that Jughead return to his old ways.
Jughead did try his hand at romance a few years later, albeit in a slightly different continuity, in the JUGHEAD'S TIME POLICE series. In this adventure- oriented comic, Jughead traversed space and time -- and in the process, met up with Archie's future ancestor, pretty January McAndrews. This was an interesting romance, but the comic didn't have enough of a following to keep going, so it was nixed.
Last but not least, one of Jughead's most harrowing encounters with love and females was in the Trula Twist saga, but Jughead somehow made it out of that one with his personality intact!
If I had to pick a mate for Jughead, though, I'd go with Veronica. If Jughead could ever open his eyelids wide and long enough to actually notice Veronica, he'd see that she was the hottest brunette in all the land.

Thanks -

OK... just finished painting the first panel of the Blue Jughead triptych.. now I'm bored.. watching the most charming film about run-away children 'The Happy Road' - 1957... really good found myself laffin' aloud several times.

My Dear Ingrid... you are so right—
Hearts' are never broken, they only bruise.
The trouble is, they take too much time to heal.

I'm still awake on this glorious saturday morning... painting out the first panel of my Blue Jughead triptych — I'll definitly be out of Brillaint Blue tonight... err this morning. Just finished watching a great cast in 'The Yellow Rolls-Royce' from 1964.. I know I've said that anything 60's and beyond isn't that good, but this film... well it's good. Although I have to agree with the critics, the casting is great, but the characters they portray are such a contradiction to their true personalities... except though, my girl Ingrid.. she is always brilliant. I have fallen in love with her yet again tonight... I think I fall in love with her every time I see her. It's just something in me... when I see a brilliant woman, I know it and I'm smitten immediatly. That's who I am.



In this performance, for yet another Newman epic, Schaefer cuts neon orange carrots in a pink kitchen, argues with his half-brother about why he doesn't have a job, and waxes poetically (ala Dennis Hooper from 'River's Edge') about things that are his friend.

"You're my friend... You're my friend? You're my friend? You're my fucking friend? "

Ohh and he smashes a mirror with a saxophone. Schaefer actually played saxophone for 10 years of his life, and is a real bad ass on it (if I do say so myself.. ohh I just did), but in his older age, Schaefer hasn't seen an opportunity to exploit that fact.


Here the boys are setting up for another shoot — working on the lighting. Kimball, the cinematographer for this piece, had issues with having to act and film at the same time. Come on Blake... you were meant for the part... get over it. We still love you. Again... Newman creates another electrifing 20th Century noir epigrammatic flic.

And yeah... 'Lost Highway' is the shit.. David Lynch & Barry Gifford - nuff said.

JULY 16, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 13 (postcard)

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