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Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Pear-Shaped Soundbox With Wire Strings From Which Scripture Lessons Are Chanted

Head out tonight. Barker just sent me this interesting email clip:

Fourteen years later I returned to Germany for the Sohm Fluxus Happening show at the Koln Kunstverein, I wanted I wanted to push a piano off a high roof and record the sound of it hitting. This became the "Yoko Ono Piano Drop."
Somehow pushing a piano off a high building seems to me to be Happening/ Event Art.
And recording it and selling tapes would be Fluxus.
Fluxus is like a chicken bone the world art dog cannot cough up. The way we saw it. Fluxus was always an "Open House," like a Saturday Night Fish Fry.
Fluxus is a Virtual Reality system where the glove doesn't work properly and the helmet doesn't fit. Other things happen than what was intended.
Scientists into bio-enginering are trying to put a flounder gene into a tomato to keep it from freezing. Sounds like Fluxus?
- Al Hansen On Fluxus


Suppositions, Slants & Suspicions has gone mobile as of today. Steph and I went and bought ourselves some new children at the Apple store yesterday evening. She was very adamant in stating that hers was bigger than mine too. So it is... umm yeah I can't comment on that. Two inches does make a big difference... especially if you're a woman. But I've always felt that a foot is large enough. Heck it's almost to big for me right now and I wish I was tooling around with something smaller. (grin)
Gonna begin next steps on 'Dance-Dance-Dance' tommorow morning. Hopefully I'll get a lot done. Mr. Mike and the Dames are performing tomm. night, so I'll be there enjoying myself, but away from the work. Afternoon time is crucial this weekend... need to make many big steps in the work a reality.

Mobile 02 — Out.

JULY 30, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 24 (postcard)

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