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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Il Giallo — Bava Style

The act of the artist as consumer as artist recycling, repurposing and reconnecting consumed goods into carefully controlled systems, in order to generate new consumer goods that are all at once refined, charming and quixotic. —— Schaefer

Sitting at home cranking away at my Blue Jughead triptych... Super 77 is all over my arms OUCH!! Also finshed placing the backing materials on the Blue Jughead 'Dance-Dance-Dance' for Spin & Gin V. Gonna get back at it and write some more later. Also watching the classic Scorsese flic 'Who's That Knocking At My Door'... Keitel is supurb in this film, one of his first and my favorite performance behind 'Mean Streets'.

—— "God damn Tom... it's late. What the hell could you be doing at this hour?"
—— "Not much, you know... it's really hot here and I can't sleep as usual. Besides, there is always interesting late night email to read."
— "Ohh really?"
— "Most Surely."

So I was also watching some classic Mario Bava films earlier.. umm tonight... err on the recent post (damn this late night stuff is confusing.. yes.. glad you add time codes.. yess, me too) —— anyways and so, I was thinking about the dress again. This damn dress is going to kill me, I thought in my head. And then all of a sudden it hit me like a... ahh... well something big, Anyways, so I say, damn this dress is going to kill me and my brain goes — —BING!

Kill Me = Horror
Horror = Mario Bava
Mario Bava = Italy
Italy = Dress Country Concept
Dress = Horror

I know that at this hour it doesn't make sence and I don't want to do some stupic dress with blood all over it because it's a totally contrived and third grade idea, also I can't, it's against the rules (paper only with no printing, painting, drawing on it)... but I still know this is a valid equation and can have some merit. Just not sure how right now. Hmmmm.... Well still can't sleep gonna cruise the net and see if I can fill my head with more Bava than I already know.

No No No No No No No... Bava is just all wrong... but something feels right. Grrrrr —— DAMN YOU UNISOURSE!!! YOU ARE HURTING MY HEAD WITH YOUR RULES... TOO SIMPLE!! I'd say I'd sleep on it, but I can't.

OK so instead of starting with Bava I decided to do some research on the history of Italian fashion... which of course is lengthy... duhh. So in short the following is my new homework for Itailan dress design.

JULY 19, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 15 (postcard)

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