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Monday, July 18, 2005

Follow Me Men — Fortunatly No One Followed

Just got finished taking my second cold shower tonight. Now normally I have only taken cold showers in the past when I'd just broke up with a girl or got stood up with a girl or was told to cool it by a girl (none true). However today is an exception to that rule... well actually the past 20 days have been an exception. I have no AC. I have called the renters to fix it and they told me 2 days on the 4th... I called days after that and they said they had to order a part... I called days after that and they said they had 5 other cases like this and they were getting to me. At this point in time I'm used to dealing with the fluctuating 81° to 92° temps I've been enduring in this small soon to be forgotten apartment of mine. Today is the record... when I entered my home today the temp was at 92° (that's at 6pm) I know for a fact it was hotter during the day. Now many of you might wonder why I'm content to deal with sweating out 3 gallons of water between 6pm and 5am or drinking more than 3 gallons of water between 6pm and 1am each night or why, although I try to compel them from visiting, constantly apologizing to the few guest I have about the heat or why I don't care anymore about washing my soak'n bed sheets every morning or having to take cold showers instead of hot. Well it's simple... it's all based on determination, punishment, but most of all the precedent. I hope that my AC does not get fixed within this, my second to last month of renting, because after all the crap I've dealt with here for the past five years — faulty wiring (a better word would be lemon wiring) that has cost my thousands of dollars in high price computers and stereo electrical equipment (not to mention light bulbs blowing out seconds after they are replaced), cocky asshole thug children running all over the place, a corpulent women stomping above me all night long and a shit of a woman who screams at her 2 year old below at all hours of the night — I am finally entitled to a month were I ain't gonna pay this place shit. And if the AC isn't fixed by moving day... ha... they are going to be paying me. It'll be nice to have a cool $700 dollar in my pocket next month to buy a new stereo receiver and DVD player for my new (fully functional and mine) home. I fell that at least i'll be able to replace some of the items that got killed by the fucked up electrical this place has... even though I've shelled out around $6,000+ to replac knocked out equipment along the way. Anyways just thought I'd write about that to fatten up the blog a bit. Ohh for those who wonder it is currently 86* in my place right now and not dropping. Humidity is a bitch ain't it.

So what the hell have I really been doing today outside of complaining about how stupid some people at my workplace can be... it's called a die-cut folks... what's not to understand!! Well, I completed the three main character drawings for my Blue Jughead piece for Spin & Gin V. They look really cool... totally a Jughead dance... I suppose I'll have to learn the moves to perform at the show. So while I was doing that, I also began to pull lots of reference materials for my dress. I wasn't pulling fashion photos, but pattern and animal reference. I'm seriously leaning toward doing a really nice dress with a Japanese theme... It'll be good.. the other way I'm leaning is Italy, just so I can get away with a sexy cut, but I suppose Japan could do that too. The question to me becomes, do I want to create a dress based on this societies modern culture or past. In the case of Japan I could totally do the Otaku culture. Otaku is a variety of geek or an overly obsessed fanboy/fangirl, specializing in anime and manga. People are obsessed with it in Japan.. I mean just look at these amazing outfits —

This is an everyday sight in Japan. So now that I've realized this (this is why I write the blog — to better conceive and ingurgitate all the ideas that are floating in my head), I'm going to have to start pulling materials to reference this concept as well. Personally I still like the romantic side of the ancient culture of Japan... but there is definitely something shocking and tasty about the modern. Both could have brilliant visual and practical applications applied to them. Now on the other hand the problem and challenge with doing an Otaku piece will be it's lack of color. This is one advantage ancient culture will have on it's side — ornateness & elegance. Now an interesting twist could be to do a double functioning dress.. one that on the initial walk to the front of stage could appear to be ancient, but could be torn away to reveal the modern... or maybe even an ancient cut with modern symbology. I'll have to see what my model will fell more comfortable doing.
I talked with Blackmon and she says she knows a few folks that can do hair and make-up, that's a start but I'll keep looking too. I knida have an idea of what the make-up will comprise of (might need some hand done white grease paint details by me), but for hair it's good to have someone. Unfortunately there is no payment for any of this, but I do promise to buy drinks for all. As for models I'm still at a lose. Most of the people who I knew as models I'm not in contact with anymore and there really aren't many options at all in the ever smaller (smirk) circle of friends I have. So I'm gonna climb out on a limb and go to some outside channels of people I've met, who would in all seriousness, be more than up to at the task. So we'll see if I have enough charm to get'm to work with me. I don't see why not.

If you are interested in Otaku culture you should check out the cool book I referenced my pictures today from. It's called Fruits, by Shoichi Aoki. Fruits is a collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan’s premier street fanzine of the same name. ‘Fruits’ was established in 1994, by photographer Shoichi Aoki, initially as a project to document the growing explosion in street fashion within the suburbs of Tokyo. Over the last five years, the magazine has grown to cult status and is now avidly followed by thousands of Japanese teenagers who also use the magazine as an opportunity to check out the latest styles and trends. The average age of the kids featured in the magazine is between 12 and 18, and the clothes that they wear are a mixture of high fashion – Vivienne Westwood is a keen favourite – and home-made ensembles which when combined create a novel, if not hysterical, effect. This extensive collection of portraits represents a unique documentation of the changing face of street fashion throughout the last decade. Colourful, fascinating and funny, this is the first time these cult images have been published outside Japan. Published by Phaidon Press.

An email recieved by my friend yesterday. So... what the hell is this all about... seriously... what the hell is this all about —

if you talk to tom, please tell him that i'm so sorry for the oversight,
i should have thought of this prior...if given enough time, chicken could actually be substituted for the contact layer, of course.......After some thought, i realized this would probably be much more appealing to him (conducive, etc...)....considering his personal tastes and all........I think the chicken neck would work rather nicely as an inner layer; however, we would still need to wrap this with a nice thick outer layer of liver...the liver creates more substance and is actually the heart of the experience....the chicken neck would provide the mental tittilation you need and the liver slab would would be a true friend....indeed
please pass along to him, as well, that i would also need a girth measurement for the incoming well as any particular "leanings or bends"...length is also hepful.....the more information ...the more customized the box will be....
.....All boxes are handmade, dovetailed construction, in your choice of several finishes...i pre picked cherry for you....
......"As the owner of a liver box, you can have the "big house" experience in any little pink house across america..."

People are really demented. Others are just plain mental. I'm pretty sure this one has a screw loose.

Spent most of yesterday rushing around town taking care of the typical bullshit a man has to take care of... namely returning stuff to Radio Shack. Hung out at Kanka's and cut and built the frame structure for my piece I'm showing at Spin & Gin V. It's 48" x 14" and 4" deep. I've decided that I'm going to add some lights to the work... should be really fun. Spent the rest of the evening drawing my three large Jugheads for the work — Dance Dance Dance.

JULY 18, 2005
BARKER - Pretermited Jughead 14 (postcard)

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