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Sunday, July 31, 2005

An Authority Who Issues The Gradual Beginning Or Coming Forth Of A Person Resembling A Lion

Slept in late today, but finally got up and began work on 'Dance-Dance-Dance'. Work and more work is what this piece needs. Everytime I look at it I see thousands of small details that need to be taken care of and I get more and more tired of it. I'm down to less than 2 weeks on this and am going to need to really get the main painting done before the weekend. Spend the entire weekend doing the electrical work on it. Then, I'll need to get it over to Spin a few days before the show starts. Going to have to pick up new paints and brushes Monday. Need paint thats gonna drip... lots of drip'n is what the painting really needs right now. A little bit of chaos to help solidify the composition.

So I slept in late today because I didn't get in until 4:30am. Went out to the Fieldhouse in Dacula to see the ohh so bewitching Mike Geier do his warm up performance for this August 13th's 'Elvis Death Day Memorial Spectacular'. Now the show at the Fieldhouse... even though the croud was of an unusual suburban persuation was electric! Geier is just one of the most captivating performers in the Atlanta area. Not only does the guy have the stage presence of a Frank Sinatra x20, but the voice to match. He is just too damn good for his own good. This show and the big one coming up at the Variety Playhouse feature the remarkable ensemble that could only be the 'Kingsized Orchestra', the sultry vocals of the 'Sweet Potato Inspirational Choir' and the flirtatious and ohh so kissable 'Dames Aflame'. The show was a hoot and people were daning all over the place... even to a few Elvis numbers that didn't make much sence to dance to. Ohh well, when people get drinks in them they do nutty things. The Dames were dance'n their asses off and the gentleman there were more than pleased to stare them down. No touching boys! Luna Luxx's little number with the big pink whore hair was out-of-sight... and the boys were really ogling over her when she hit the stage in her hot red Go-Go outfit. I videotaped a good portion of the show with Mike and Shannon's video camera. The batteries ran out early, but not before I got some great footage of Mike jumpin' over the stage railing to overtake the audience with a riviting Elvis ballad. What a fucking performer! The show wrapped up around 12:30 and after I helped Steph pack up the Dames stuff in the back of my trusty silver automobile, we bolted back to the bright lights of the big city.

Mike Geier King'n It Up

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