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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

At The Age Of 41 Most Successful Men Were Content To Rest On Their Laurels


Alright... So what the hell has been going on? Why are there no real posts? Where are the Korean recipets?

Well I've been very very busy. I'm not only designing the dress for the Paper fashion Show, but I'm also developing a bunch of promotional materials for Monadnock Paper Mills as well. So things have been very hectic... ohh yeah and I'm dealing with finalizing my new house and all sorts of other nonsence.
Regardless of these things, I'm back to writing more than just a title on these posts for the rest of the year. I have posted some photographs to fill in the dates previous where I had nothing to say... these photos should reflect happenings from those days... so I suppose that counts for something.
Correspondence Production: Even in the absence of written posts, is still a main-stay at the current residence, since all other works have been packaged for transferral to the studio space in the new house.
The first project that I'll tackle and hopefully wrap up quickly when I get into the new space will be the Flouride shows pieces. The written plan (written because I'll force myself to stick to it) is to exhibit this set of works in a solo show June 2006 or close to that time.
The next show I'll start to prep for after that will be the Correspondence show featuring Barkers and my 4 years worth of works. After that, in 2007, we will be seeing a few small Retroconsumerism shows solo & group, 2 full scale solo shows - Blue Jughead & Black Richie Rich. Then sometime down the road I'll be ready to roll out the 100 Small Works show, as well as Rubber-Neckin' Roadkill, both probably occuring in 2008. 2009 & 2010 will bring a few interesting things a solo show or two and a few group things. Then in 2011, I'm planning a huge solo show 10 Years of Correspondences: 2000 - 2010, which will amass all the correspondence I've sent that I can get my hands on. Should be interesting. Of course there is always going to be the frequent outsider group and benefit shows each year and all sorts of other interesting things I'm sure.
So you see... I'm busy.... really really busy.
Headed to Kanka's tonight to chill and get some photograph shot by him. I'll let you in on more of that later.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005
NEWTON & GEIER - Finger Deep (postcard)

BARKER - Funny Girl (postcard)
BLACKMON - Funny Girl (postcard)
KANKA - Funny Girl (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Funny Girl (postcard)
LUDWIG - Funny Girl (postcard)
NEWMAN - Funny Girl (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Funny Girl (postcard)
NOBLE - Funny Girl (postcard)
PEARSON - Funny Girl (postcard)
STATTS - Funny Girl (postcard)
STOUT - Funny Girl (postcard)
VINSON - Funny Girl (postcard)
WEISS - Funny Girl (postcard)
YORK - Funny Girl (postcard)

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