Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Woke up at 7:30 AM.
See Kanka in drag.
Fixed myself the infamous 'Schaefer Bloody Morning Mary' (my father's personal recipiet).


That drink... disgusting.... I fucking hate these things... I toss mine, but fix several others for the local refugess and degenerates. I fixed a tastier drink and then prepared myself a delicious morning burger on my beautiful new toy... I love this grill.
I've been creating my transfer drawing all morning long and have completed about 10 of them. All of them are made from Creative Loafing newspapers with a silver spray paint finishing. They look really great... it was a great way to pittle away the afternoon sun, especially drinking a cool tall vodka and iced tea.
Fred called from the other camp to me asking if I was brave enough to enjoy a High-Octane Lemonade with him. Seeing that the National Guard was in no hurry to get any of us out of there, I took the offer, not knowing when help would arrive. Here is the ultimate degenerate himself with his amazing High-Octane Lemonade. This was a delicious afternoon treat... quite the bartender he is.

There was a not so big time fire at the Drive Invasion. However, our fearless ATL Fire Department came to save the day.

Got into a most interesting conversation in the later part of the afternoon with Shelly about why men never wear skirts. I personally had no real issues with the idea and the discussion reached a point where I actually put on and walked around wearing a white skirt interviewing folks on video camera, why they think men don't wear skirts. Shelly thought it was the funniest thing. She followed along with the video camera to capture some of the antics and told me she was my new manager. Alrighty then... lesson to future others — never influence a drunken publicity hound. I'll make you follow me around all day long.

Later I went up on stage to help judge the wet t-shirt contest. The guitar player from the Cogburns got upset with me because I didn't know who he was. Sorry dude!!! I seriously thought you were somebody else. The contest was filled with a lot of flesh, but not enought boneyness for my tatses. Can you say THICK. It was fixed... of course and even though we choose a winner, #3 - the MC announced a three-way tie. What a damn lie that was... just terrible. I think Shelly video taped all that nonsence. After that insanity was over I grabbed the video camera a taped some of the Van Heinekin performance (the Van Halen tribute band) and then wandered back to the camp to get drinks with Kanka and take a break from the sun in my dress.

The films began later that evening with Dr. Phibes Rises Again (not as good as the first Phibes I must say). I went to fix myself another drink and was confronted with the midnight mastery of Fredricks pitch black drink making skills. What mastery. What pinasch. What is he making?

The next film was Count Yorga Vampire. I sat thru this film and then packed up the car before the finale - The Madhouse. I wandered over to see Kanka and Blackmon who again were asleep this time thru all the films. I couldn't even rile them enough to tell them I was leaving.
As I drove home, I suddenly realized I still had Shelly's white skirt on, so I decided I had better drive extra careful like. A dress might be a really comfortable idea when you wander the black-top jungle of the Drive-In all day long, but not when you're sitting in Fulton County lock-up over night.
I've made it home, unpacked the car and finished todays blog post. It's now time to hit the sack. Tomorrow is a recovery day from all this sun, fun and everything that ends in 'un'.

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