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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This Is Not A Love Song


Received 3 amazing correspondences from Barker today. First a used blue toothbrush in an envelope that was torn open and thus placed in the official oversized USPS clear faced envelope. I imagine this as a relic from Barkers former life as a single man... good stuff... especially considering it came double enveloped — as if meaning or relating to hazardous materials and how they are carefully stored and monitored. The second was a new story postcard dictated on the familiar TV Girl front-side motif. The correspondence talked about his visit to the Dallas County lockup for unpaid parking tickets and cops playing GTA in front of the prisoners. Truth is stranger than fiction. The third was an irregular fashioned postcard, crafted from the cardboard insert that his new brides wedding gloves once held. The card has only four fingers (no thumb) — one of the fingers was ripped off half way down. Flipping the card in the correct direction the half finger is the traditional wedding band finger. Last week, I received another envelope that contained the Barkers hotel keycard and map from their wedding in N.O. On the map, Barker has noted the location of the hotel which they stayed and the location of the riverboat they married on. I found this object quite ironic for several reasons.

Hung out at the El Myr with Blackmon and Kanka. Had a burrito and a drink... delicious. Feeling better than earlier this week finally. Kanka found a large chunk of steak in his veggie burrito and for a good portion of the evening had it wrapped up in a napkin where-upon he had decided to later afix it to a postcard and mail it to Barker. Would have been funny, but he tossed it before he left — saying he unfortunatly didn't have the time to do it. Everyone seated at El Myr enjoyed the recent Barker correspondences, which I brought along for show-and-tell. Kanka commented that if Barker had the nerve to send me his used toothbrush, that he would then send Barker the meat he found. It would have been a nice gesture I thought.

The Bandit In Bandit Land

This wasn't my movie so I gave it to a needy tree on Euclid Avenue.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2005
BARKER - Jughead Artifact (envelope)
KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 06 (construct)

BARKER - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
KANKA - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
LUDWIG - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NEWMAN - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
NOBLE - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
PEARSON - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
STATTS - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
STOUT - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
VINSON - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
WEISS - Mewling Neonate (postcard)
YORK - Mewling Neonate (postcard)

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