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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

All From A Little Allergy Pill

Not to much going on in Cherry Lipped land today, besides retarded apartment property managers. Nuff Said! (sorry for the Stan Lee'ism)


Just got off the phone with Steph prematurely, because the lines got crossed and we were entered into some sorted conversation with a girl and her man in prison. Strange shit for sure... it's funny and happens every now & again.
I'm sitting here tonight watch'n Jack Hills second film 'The Wasp Woman' and I must confess, it's pretty entertaining. While I sit and smile at the Hill'ness of the evening I'm sipping on a delicious 'Schaefer Gin Martini'. I got into a heated conversation earlier with Steph as to why I always explain to my bartenders how to prepare my martini.

Bombay Sapphire - splash of Dry Vermouth - splash of dirt - 2 olives

I begin by explaining to Steph that on too many occasions I've witnessed bartenders prepare me gin martinis without using any dry vermouth. She can not believe this and says that I must have been to some shitty bars. Unfortunately, I've had this happen at some of the nicer high-brow yuppie establishments in the ATL area. I don't go there of my own free will, but my job allows me these luxuries from time to time and so I must restate the facts. On too many occasions I have seen bartenders make a gin martini with nothing but gin and olive juice. It happens people... and it happens all to often, even when some true martini drinkers refuse to believe it. I'm here to tell the real martini drinkers in the ATL... watch out... 4 out of 5 times they will not use dry vermouth and I'm willing to test my theory with the first person who responds to this posts statement.
I will take you out and buy you 5 martinis and I guarantee they will not use dry vermouth in 4 of them. It's just a sad fact that I hate to admit, but god dammit it's true. I feel like Kevin McCarthy running down the highway in the original beginning of Invasion of the Body Snatchers... people refuse to believe what they don't want to hear. Won't you believe me!!!
Outside of drinking martinis tonight and such, I've crafted a double set of memorial correspondences to the late great Bob Denver. These postcards will mail Thursday and Friday. I have to new names to add to the correspondence list.


LUDWIG - KISS 02-B (postcard)

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