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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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No Vermouth...No Dirt... No Idea.
As is the norm in ATL, after I asked for a gin martini at a local corporate water/food hole, I was asked what kind of gin. Of course... have to feed beast — the distributers pockets — don't we now. Did she even ask how I wanted it prepared... FUCK NO! Well fine then, no need for such language I tell myself... let's see what happens.
Kat (thats her little name you see) grabs the Bombay Sapphire from the shelf... dispenses it into a shaker full of ice and proceeeds to shake.
HA —
As I've stated before — These fucking ATL bartenders do not know how to fix a proper gin martini. After she presented me with the drink, I inquired as to whether she had added any vermouth...
"No people always order vodka martinis... nobody drinks gin... you're supposed to put vermooth in it?"
"Hell yes you are... don't you read my blog?"
"You're supposed to put vermouth in my drink and some dirt too?"
She proceeeds to add a heaping shot glass full amount of vermouth to my already shaken and poured drink.
"Wait... dirt? What do you mean?"
"Did you go to bar-school?"
"Of course you have to."
"And you don';t know what dirt means in reguards to a gin martini?"
more pause
"You mean olive juice?"
"Yes I do indead."
With one hand she grabs a container of olive juice and attempts to pour more into the glass, but I stop her.
"You better not pour dirt in that glass, like you did the vermooth... make the drink again the right way."
"What's wrong with it now?"
Welln besides the fact you pour enough vermooth inn the glass to gag a large cow.... it's supposed to be shaken as a whole. You'll have to make it again."
She makes the drink again, at each step asking me if she is doing it correctly. I finally get the drink and indulge.
"You see... everyone now adays orders vodka martinis."
"And your point is?"
Silience... a stare... and she wanders off.

— Chapch'ae

A Ingredients
½ lb (225 grs) soymeat (not necessary for Chapch'ae)
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of sesame salt
½ teaspoon of black pepper
2 tablespoons of sesame oil

B Ingredients
1/3 lb (150 grs) Chinese noodles (tangmyon)
1 cup cooked spinach

C Ingredients
2 large carrots but into matchsticks
10 medium green onions but into 1" lengths
5 wild leeks (puch'u)
2 dry onions, chopped

D Ingredients
3 p'yogo mushrooms (Japanese shitake mushrooms)
10 mogi mushrooms (Jew's ear mushrooms)
5 nut'ari mushrooms (oyster mushroom)
10 sogi muchrooms (stone mushroom)

- Cut the soymeat (if you decide to use it) into fine strips and fry with the other A ingredients until well cooked and tender.
- Cook the noodles in plenty of boiling water until soft; rinse in cold water.
- Fry the C ingredients gently together in a lightly-greased pan for 10 minutes to soften, not brown.
- Soak the p'yogo, mogi and nut'ari mushrooms in warm water for 10 minutes, then cut them into strips. And fry in the same way as you fried the vegetables.
- Immerse the sogi mushrooms in boiling water for 2 minutes, then cut them into strips.
- Combine all the ingredients including the spinach; heat before serving, or the dish may be served cold.

*Note* The dish is sometimes made with a larger proportion of noodles. Also, add or reduce ingredients to your taste, or exchange similar ingredients when one kind cannot be found.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2005
Blue Jughead: The Pitch (processed postcard)

BARKER - Farmer Red Dot C (postcard)

SCHAEFER - VOL. 133, NO. 2 (postcard)

KANKA - Schaefer Polaroids 12 (construct)

LUDWIG - Blackout Relic 05 (construct)

BARKER - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
BARKER - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
BLACKMON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
BLACKMON - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
KANKA - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
KUTZBACH - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
LUDWIG - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
NEWMAN - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
NOBLE - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
PEARSON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
STATTS - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
STOUT - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
VINSON - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)
WEISS - Moss Pariba Flave VARIENT (postcard)
YORK - Moss Pariba Flave (postcard)

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