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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Wow... I must say this has been the most impressive and successful Invasion to date. The canopy tent has been the savior from burn and scored I suffored years before. Ther food prep has been well recieved by my stomach as well as my wallet. The Degenerates camped in their canopy tent next to us could not be a sweller bunch.... even if they are all degenerates. What is close to the topper of the event — the incredible new grill I purchased — a gorgeous cherry red Coleman Road Trip Grill. This item is my baby... what an incredible blessing it is. I plan to take it everywhere I go.
But truthfully, the highlight of the event, has to be my meeting and later on camera interview with the man himself, Jack Hill. Jack actually did sign my Sorceress poster (to my shagrin). When I presented it to him, he laffed and said "Isn't this the worst looking movie poster ever." I had to agree with him. Jack then asked if I actually liked this film. I had to smile, because I saw the look in his eye and knew then that we both had the same opinion of the flic. I replied "Well Jack, to be honest... it isn't your best work, if you can call the film 'your' work." He smiled and we both chuckled a little.
I had to get another autograph for myself, but this time, on a brilliant color photograph of a young bearded Jack with the sexy girls from Switchblade Sisters. It's a killer pic and will look amazing in my new house (probably the kitchen).
Kanka snapped a photo of me with Jack. Jack is holding his Spider Baby DVD and I'm pointing at him with a surprised look. I hope it turns out. I told Kanka that if I could get anything from him for my new house that I'd really love a blow-up of the Holga photo he shot.
Now the funniest thing, was as Kanka shot the photo, Jack interupted "Ohh wow... is that a Holga? I love those things." So Kanka being the genious mad-man he is, handed the camera to Jack and asked him if he would take a picture of him this time round. Jack eagerly snatched the camera and sized up a photo, but before he clicked, he stopped... stepped back, turned the frame to the side and did some real Hill framing. We thanked Jack and went back to the car, laughing about the event the whole way back.

Later in the afternoon we talked to Barker on the cell phone and he requested a signed picture from Sid Haig — who was also in attendence. Again, we approched the booth and this time Kanka was carring his Lomo camera. Immediatly Jack shouted "Ohh wow!! Your that guy with the Holga... man I like those Lomos too! They are so cool." So it seems that Jack really knows his cameras... but of course.
I asked Sid to sign the photograph to Barker, but instead of the usual fanfair crap, to write somethinmg really nastey to him because he couldn't make it here from Texas (I did this same routine with Hollis at her book signing for another sig. meant for Barker). Sid sat back in his chair and replied "Ohh please, Texas isn't that far away. He has no excuss." Sid thought a few moments until that spark hit him and he wrote something nasty on the photo. The bad part for Barker — Sid was willing to say hello to him on my cell phone, but Barker wasn't around to answer. Poor boy. No worries though, we'll have tons of things to give him this weekend on the black pavement.
Now, my third encounter with Jack and Sid came after I had been running around video taping people doing burn-outs with their classic cars. The local PD shut the happening down and I got tons of great footage and interviews with the croud... they were pissed. I was in my Leonard Koinsky charactor for the entire session and people were so intoxicated, I actually had some asking me what part of Great Britian I was from (Leonard has the worst British accent in the world). As usual I responded with my classic line — "Ohh... off'a Westmister and Abbey". This of cousre, for some reason or another is totally not possible, but no body seemed to care. I left the parking lot burn-outs and headed toward the main stage camera running the entire time. I begin to interview some guy that had blood all over his face, until it got a little hairy and then made my way toward Jack and Sid.
Now mind you, I'm walking around pretty happy in the head, in nasty pair of white and brilliant blue paint crusted green shorts and no t-shirt. So's I waltz right up to Jack and tell him... not ask, "I'm going to interview you ok." He agress heartily, his eyes grow bigger and he pulls his seat closer to the camera.
I begin to ask him several direct and difficult questions about Blood Bath. Both he and Sid laff and look at each other. Jack states, "Damn, you know more about my movies than I do." Quite the complement for Jack (or was it... hmmm). I tell him that I wrote my thesis paper in college for Contemporary Media class on him and his impact on the Drive-In B movie film. He smiled and said, "Well then, it figures." So he decided that instead of answering my questions, he'd tell me some facts about the films playing tonight that only he knew. I'll share one right now. In Blood Bath there is a large painting by the charactor Max that has the name MAX painted on it in big dripping white letters. Well, it was done by Jack as he stood on a tall ladder. Jack said he exhibited the painting later that year. Good stuff huh... maybe one day over drinks, I'll tell you things even that Tarantino would love to find out.
So before the films began the most beatiful girl in the world appeared out of no where, in the most incredible dress I've ever seen her in. I mean zoinks!! Check her out next to my second favorite girl.

I grilled... we ate and it was good. Then the films began and ohh did they begin. First — The Big Doll House... women in prison... a Hill staple. Next — Spider Baby and what a great print this was... so clean. AMAZING AMAZING PRINT!!! After the Spider, my babe headed home to get some Z's so she could dance at the Montro Jazz Fest. You go girls!!!
Next up was Foxy Brown and I moved over and sat with the Degenerates. Now something you need to know is this... Kanka and Blackmon retired to the slumber of the SUV during the first film and slept thru everything. What a bunch of bums. So I sat with Fred and the other degenerates and craked jokes at Foxy and then finally Blood Bath. What a fun bunch they are... that Fred is quick on his feet with the one-liner.
Eventually, sleep sets in. I follow it's becon call to my car where I write to you now. Excuse me while I sleep off the day and prep for tomorrows antics.

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