Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Weather Sanctions


Post nonsense make things work dogs barking at you. It dances in circles and jumps at you and jumps jumps like a ballerina performing in circles and circles, but doesn’t understand the maze. It is entering but unlike a Minotaur, solves it easily just post nonsense. Nonsense is a mess and today we are working embarked on the five portraits For celebrity one bohemian one Grove-ish one holy for nonsensical strategic moves build point color popped great had a blackout overlay killed color move to AJ black face with white sparkle color, overlay and large mandala cut from paper black overlays on for celebrities are strange when walking past you almost feel delusional Needs more iridescence and a splash of orange on the left and right let’s do that tomorrow VHS measurements are in 2.75 x 3 for the face and if you had a spine 5 3/8 x 6/8 what are the tapes a door to the physical kingdom level above human may be entered Open up chapter view break apart find contents agent approaching this material acknowledgment and preface and a warning for those who are prone to hasty judgments 12 tapes in total beyond humans last call from 91 to 92 19,000 tape one session 160 minutes for four tape one session to 60 minutes for 10 tape to session 360 minutes for 16 tape to session for 60 minutes for 22 teeth. Three session 560 minutes 428 tape three session 660 minutes 434 T4 session 760 minutes 440 tape for session 860 minutes 446 tape five session 960 minutes for 50 to tape five session 1060 minutes 458 Tapes six session 1195 minutes 465 tapes 7 session 12, 110 minutes 476 to those who have not done much serious study of this type of information and might be inclined to criticize the position and that our teachers or older members tea and Dale consider this upon what information do you base your opinions how many hours have you sat with them getting to know them for yourself all too often people form quick opinions out of ignorance, because of having had either the opportunity, nor the time to examine the facts for themselves, we wanted to issue a word of caution, since it is our sincere belief that the kingdom of God, the level above human will judge you according to how you judge this information I have to those if you do you as far to us some could if you there is as we. Worked more on the backing space for the grove work it will be a good build up of rocket fuel to a burn point to a shiny star three stage rocket hillbillies Gentlemens club SMETSCMT fresh bones, fresh bones, time to put another coat of paint on it, get it fresh before you bury it again and then make it fresh for all

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