Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Exited Our Vehicles


The HG work and needed research are in a better place. Though I have read and outlined several books, I needed more. Those works focused too much on The Two rather than the whole of the 39+1 (and there are more after the fact.) I have been having an issue with doing portraits of individuals whom I know very little about. Based on the spreadsheets I have now compounded, I am in a place where I can illustrate them with cause. While I do not intend to create works that mock any of the topics I am covering in this upcoming show, I need to be connected to the subjects somehow. I have watched the countless hours of videos from MA, watched Exits from the group, and read written statements from several. When I have now compiled the information and have done enough research to understand where these poor individuals remains are now buried, I can state 'I now feel comfortable representing them'.

This evening I also changed course on the MK handbags, not that the MEANS will not be the same, but I am taking the NX/DOS concept into a different particular piece — a work based on a master's instruction to practice. I will begin tomorrow on these. The MK bag or potential bags now will focus more on ULTRA and the ideas around bullshit marketing, annoying fonts, status, and hype. But that idea will probably change over time too. Not much time left though.

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