Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Root Crown


I was going to talk about some strange ideas about reflection and itself or some about the fact I just got home and I’m hanging out at the house with my dog and thinking about time but I’m not really thinking about any of that. I am looking at the current works here, there is an interesting construction coming out of them from a repetitious interwoven pattern which is intentional to diffusion it forces you to look at what’s in the middle so you can’t cause it’s only a black and white but there is always a middle so you’ll find that there’s some some interesting diffusion of materials from the entity throughout all the pieces being interfuse of the other ones so for instants, I’m not sure the color of the plastic bags but the plastic bags have been transferred from the HGP’s to the salt piece. I know it’s it’s interesting for the portrait that I put on it suffocation is an interesting aesthetic. There’s a motor that either distributes or pulls air. It’s a diagram piece, and if I can get the flashlight on here, I’m in the main source electronics book and there’s a maintenance diagram but it’s an engine. There’s a huge beef and cheese sandwich with Kerouac caraway give your cares away seeds on the top of it. I think it’s an Arby’s a and and how much a cracker Sepalo so that’s an interesting one with the suffocation aspect added to that with the characters And maybe the seas being depleted of the salt maybe the salt is Psaltis many colors the salt that’ll be in this piece is actually pink and white so just have a milky look to it but also with the pinks almost the displacement of this is Himalayan yeah so this is earth salt cell blood of the earth And some seminal type of displacement. I’m so that’s interesting. Oh the orange piece is good. It’s just a good piece I need to it needs a base though I might. I need to do anything else the rest outside of the dumb stuff on the faces, but it’s almost funny that it’s artificial to cause that, K was very artificial sad or sad very sad Pierce. It’s very sad peace that the larger smaller bohemian one that sit next to her it’s just larger cause it’s on the place once this little orange babies out at the place with some kind of bass for Mr. K it’s gonna be interesting, but the the info wars prostate support Bohemian Grove I will bank that says wise old owl with the profit head above it. It’s gonna be interesting to have a kick out. I just did recently it’s good I am still not sure how many pain out there. Yeah, the master framework of the canvas is ready to go, so be really pretty. I might do some old unfinished kick out gold leaf thing with Bristol paper I think I should, and to a little homage back to a real pretty piece that I did years ago using actual fresco techniques with egg, white, and gold leaf that I never got done for this because the timeline for the assignment didn’t make sense because that that to do that method takes a long goddamn time so in the teacher teacher I I remember appreciated that so maybe I’ll give AJ a little bit of that treatment, but that the thing is a figure out what the the framework of this is There’s a lot of orange and white throughout the show the lotta orange and white there’s the purple part which is good against the orange versus the there’s the Cambell margarine McDonald’s piece witches movie last one might be the most minimalist that Scott got some good parts billed for it so I might just live But I’m sitting here talking talking to myself for a blog post. Yeah, I think I mean I think in the next day prostate supports Ghana gonna take on something else Cuz the the kick out we build we’re going to model us out with little people will do a third little HO scale thing with this wanna be a definite, interesting departure from the bowling pin in the squid because there’s other things that are actually to an outside scale but maybe if we hit, I’m looking at the JPP’s but I am we’re not gonna add that and even though we’re the thing is these characters are not HO to the to the ours in that piece cell forget that it’s got enough of a kick out to the theater the funny thing is the people in the crowd from the video tapes perspective of what AJ shot is actually you’re the spectator so it’s really just a jokey interpretation of what the video tapes is in a funny sense I’m gonna put a yeah grab one of my little cameras here when I got sold the old camera, this is not gonna work it would you should’ve built peace with us if you had it but it is funny but you can’t use a vintage camera you should get the actual weird dumb Sony camera whatever the hell it would look funny Delta but I guess back in the idea for all these pieces to have live feed cameras on them to watch people in front of them so pinhole cameras on every piece pinhole cameras on every piece pinhole cameras on every piece Shot into a live feed website during running the show should talk to DL about that. Need to stay in a lot of the stuff and distress it. It’s too clean but the frameworks are good. What a dumb builds good work equipment decent stuff to cut wood but I distress points on him were interesting now so There’s some earthly Ness to them all but there’s slight stupid imperfections interesting the JP piece is interesting. I need to get the components in the jars and decide if I need to label them or not salt salt has a lot of thought towards it to the end, I need to go pull a box out of an attic 10 pull a member out of them, it’s got some nice blue pinnacles for it now good look good back on the HG videocassettes are good. Got a leave them out and kill them in our ring over label what they got going to go to overdub gotta rewind clean and then over dub whatever the first 30 to 1 hour of whatever it is and let the RESPA girl sell one of his ETA is the original ETA extra so it’s the most interesting one. It’s got a green front flap and the actual spindles for the VHS inside of it are green, Sarah Scott and I just got his black tape movie HS but the actual spins inside the cartridges that run the tape the green and so is the clip of portion where the VA Chester sitting behind. I just got a call Universal hologram sticker on that’s the most interesting one Resteral, kind of dumpster simple some have white printing on them, so them have some unit barcoding in numbers. I’ve got a Hollywood video hello welcome back to my world family video that one’s interesting the restaurant black and white one has a bad barcode on it. That means nothing for 00282 it is it’s a Kevin Costner film that actually has a return label. It was a blockbuster. The return label is to let me get some light here cause we could what we should actually probably some aspects of these people Mr. and Mrs. Warren Would 8550 Monforte Dr., St. John, IN 466 hard to see 463799758 so we’ll see you soon woods and get your Kevin Costner film back to pull that tonight. I won’t go the other one the time it’s got a good label but it’s cool one it’s good Paramont PG Prather Kann, number 2ST2 ST two so we might put ST to the forefront. It’s a really beautiful original, that’s very original but it’s a PG stereo cut from 82 at 113 minutes. Does have an FBI warning on it so be careful kids.

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