Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Space Junk


House recipe fancy tomato ketchup, 333, 336, a fixed orb of seven Portraits, net, brass standing cup and stand on memorial. The great beast sits as a Buddha. He sits counterbalance by an Arby’s sandwich, and and and a diagram for a jet engine or something that deals with maintenance or circulation The crackers are old too old. I wonder what got into them mice in sex where are they now it’s been 12 years tile pattern top sirloin boneless pork chop stuffed. Alex is looking at me but he’s gotta really goddamn bad blackeye I wonder who punched him sure shit it was a Mitch McConnell, it’s comatose but there’s a lot of goddamn booze surrounding the owl. What a pissing on trees in the redwoods hope they’re taking their pills. The owls are everywhere 1 to 4 and five they’re introvert and extrovert polar opposites around the sun. The great Buddha wants to pull an electrical current into a center but the Yacam├ín bomb Refracted, perhaps a pineal of eight or fix the situation, but Monsanto corn and Whitley Strieber‘s communion will probably not tell a real true story but what else is new cassette tapes blanked VHS rewritten over sci-fi films and oranges are rotting. Three celebrities keep their mouth shut, while one puts her tongue out, but they’re all smug, should we light a candle for them or should we let them grandstand centered in their cautionary tale to face triple 1st face is beyond dimension beasts are these the great beasts we all great beasts a set of strip, Beez sits in my kitchen, Miss September, Miss June, Miss February Some smile some close mouth a 2006 sweet tooth reformed Saturn alter plaque stand be I NAHOI count the clamps on the next set 12 major 3456 major 78 9,10 major 11 it’s ready to be slotted tomorrow will be instituted in and installed Then the question of a pure halter top is it stick item strewn the kitchen floor or is it a neutral lab? There are notes written across the cabinets in sustainable food sitting on top of an empty refrigerator, covered in unfurled, paper towels, a cherry boy and cocaine Spider-Man from Spain, was it Mexico when I cross the border illegally with them now painted silver HGJPAC and I hate to say it but MC you may just become a ritual piece that gets done after the fact and under a day you sit in the studio and stare at me, covered in a net in scones by brass items bought over the years for hundreds of dollars But Marjorie, my dear Marjorie, your butter pad of butter you melt you’re nothing but a Sunday brunch. You’re a cluster of Safra that number and seven just like the parsons are questionable. At this point perhaps the net throne overview is a conclusion to have Epiphany or juxtaposition to another realm McDonald’s meals large solar, phallic symbols radiate but you don’t you’re still you’re so still perhaps my invocation is not enough but I won’t give you all that is the great trick and I placed you in my home studio next to an Eros EROS, a volume of which forward produce or a woman with a face X doubt through Photography negatives stares back at you an iconic mole on her left cheek a smile taken too soon death to the Kennedys says the corporate industrial complex establishment by consume. Listen to what we tell you you’re a slave, you’re a nerd, a rainbow colors a true Roy G Biv delightful to eat or give one color increases the fun handle one by 160 cal get in touch dextrose sugar, malic acid, corn syrup, carnauba wax blue one lake blue to Lake red 40 lake yellow five lake yellow, five yellow, six gum, Acadia egg I have to go record video cassettes for posterity. The Internet will soon be killed. Your bank account may soon be killed, but at least volumes one through 12 may be lifted onto a pirated VHS cassette may be sucrose and potassium nitrate. May combine with fire take you beyond where you are, but perhaps you will still wear the smiling face smiling face of a Monsanto consumer or perhaps you’ll read the complete books of Charles fort for these are the Damned wide range ignored orthodox explain the way improperly Panna Tobar, 31st 1908 the planet Venus was four months past inferior conjunction, and so it moves far from nearest approach but there are vague stories of strange objects that have been seen in the skies of this earth localized New England back to the time of nearest approach in the New York son November 1, 1908 is publish the dispatch from Boston dated October 31

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