Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Using Blood


Today I am still at odds with the works for this show, though, I made some serious steps forward in a positive manner. I 'practiced' marking on an object, and after feeling the process was a success, I scored a series of six objects three times over, being careful to keep my proportions similar and my marking depth true. The six were a success. By afternoon I reflected on the six and realized that they should not be a unit of six but of ten. This extends the work from a wall-mounted pyramidal form into a more true multi-dimensional sculptural work. The pyramid scheme seems more tied to this form, allowing me to build a construct onto which these marked forms are united. I may pull material from KR to populate a base for this new construct or leave them naked. Most likely something earlier from his marketing Amway career may be leveraged. I wonder if a volleyball is suited to be placed somewhere at the base of this work. The current construct will definitely need its own plinth as this has moved beyond the wall. I will acquire a 10x10x10 acrylic cap for the work to add a certain antiquity to it. I must still do much work to the objects to give them an even more unique look... some handmade visage of artificial age and rot.

The HG work is coming along well. Outside of the 40-part lattice I have in the works for the front, along with the portraits — today, I began the construction of a vessel to run the bottom of the work to house VHS cassettes. With my personal VHS collection depleted, I have procured a set of 20 Sci-Fi VHS tapes from a source which I will record HG "Initiation," "The Last Call," and "Exit Tapes' over. I'm curious to actually watch these tapes after I do my working on them. The remaining space in the vessel which is devided in two, will be used to store (last supper items) the food (2), the liquid, and the drug.

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