Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Feed House


Woke up and began work on HG peace remove lattice, work centers and begin to affix Portraits. Each portrait had to be re-sliced carefully in a fixed nothings perfect, some wavering in the substrate reconfigured the positioning of them based on the original diagram will go back and update it tomorrow Broke off at noon and went to have brunch. Put focus on the four celebrity portraits trying to create beasts lots of AI regeneration and manipulation to women at the restaurant asked me what I was doing and I said working on an art piece. They asked me what I did, and I just told them I was a fine artist and went back to my work, happy with the two outputs thus far but not sure if they’re correct focus mainly on JLNMFMSMF has a final detail than JL but will enhance it but the luxe are not the same. MS has a better stance the JL so will look to rework all four to match the MF aesthetic for tomorrow, upon returning to the studio, I drew focus towards the remaining purple veil portraits for HG. Continue to fix them through the evening ended, adding some substrate material to the back, considering Apoxsee, UV, potentially, but not sure if not a fixed magnets yet, but central contact points have been reduced and think that will be a smart move, the portraits do well against something lit behind it in color may look to affect the original back piece with the cruciform to add scriptural HG material from Applewhite that may help pop not sure what it will do on the gallery lighting, but in general, they are very ghostly Which pleases me first far but I’m still concerned or not what I want still thinking about the MC piece and I may decentralized the canvas and push it to the left or right again, but not totally sure think I need to finish more on the rest of the works to figure out this one’s conclusion Over the next few days, I need to patina several items, including the Rockets pill containers and also frost much of the glassware a long way to go need to pull materials for Bohemian out of garage HO figurine, plus other material consider the center by fly paper, do an exorcism on a house There’s a fly problem. Bring to a little boil stir regularly don’t let the sauce get to hot or it will stick to the pan pan. Yo pan binging on ask for the week to have background noise and father funny to watch the stuff again considering building 6 Figured Pl. of center full cuts for MK pieces to sit on. Could be an interesting look but it will need to be blacked out and finished but that would give me 3+ total one for DOS one for home and away and then a new one for MK.

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