Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Monday, October 23, 2006

Too Big - Too Heavy - Too Small

Sat outside all day/night long yesterday, rereading Hirst's 'On The Way To Work'. Burned a large amount scrape wood, a few old paintings that i really was tired of looking at. But I pretty much just wrapped myself up in some warm cloths a raced the the 300 page book of interviews, wrapping up with it around 1AM. Plus I ran out of wood... ohh well.

Today I'm workig on a few interesting pieces for the upcoming show. Details on it later today. The house smells wonderful today. I nice smoked/wood smell.

So here's a quick glimpse at the other piece, well actually 2 twin pieces I'm also doing for Doo gallery. They are gonna be really awesome. It's another lighted work. It's 2 pieces @ 9" x 21" x 7" (22.9cm x 53.3cm x 17.8cm). They both have an eerie red glow coming from all sides, as the works rest about 1" off of the walls surface. They will also eminate a strange fog from the guts as well, I'll use dry ice for that. No clunky expensive fog machines. The entire work is a Wendy the Witch piece. Gloss red Wendy's all round and a unique Wendy painted in the center of each. Similar to the metal Jughead panel I did for Barker recently. They are gonna look u'ber cool all lit up in the gallery.
I'm also working on a simple Casper the Friendly Ghost work as well. It measures 5.5" x 35" x 1.5" (14cm x 89cm x 3.8cm). It's a reassembled shredder work with Casper comic strip framed edges. it's not a priority, but shouldn't take to long to produce.

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