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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Before I Knew I Was Awake

Hit up the local drug store this afternoon to pick a 2 few extra bags of Brachs candy corn. I ran out the night before while working on 3 halloween based pieces for the Doo Gallery show coming up in a little more than a week. The works are really just sister pieces to the 2 larger more complex candy corn works 'The Quipster' & 'The Savant' which go on display this coming saturday at Kettle Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

So I'm in the local CVS picking up my candy corn and I ended up buying an entire case of halloween orange pumpkin marshmallow peeps. I at first only grabbed 10 from the box on the shelf but upon checking out I convinced myself that I should just buy the entire case and get the box too. So as the lady rung up all my insane pills of bagged candy I grabbed the box and brought it to the counter. It's amazing how I have no issues blowing $50 on candy that I'll never eat, but won't spend a nickel on myself to eat. I'm poor as shit right now what can I say. it's a choice I've been living with for a while now. Of course the logic behind the $50 purchase of candy is the idea that once it's been retroconsumed into new works of art the return on investment should be 1,000 fold. Of course thats if people buy the shit... ha ha. It will.

The other interesting item I picked up at thnat CVS were these 2 bags of candy called 'Dr. Scab's Monster Lab' - foil covered chocolates in the shapes of eyeballs, ears, fingers, toes, and lips. Another impulse buy just like the $150 worth of foil cover bunnies I bought the day after easter. It's all about the foil, it's all so amazing looking. I imagine huge half foil covered panels and half chocolate melts. An homage to Dieter Roth of course. I'll get to them one day here soon. But those peeps were a good find. i thought they only made white ghosts during halloween - which I should probably purchase a cas of too.

And for the record, there are different types of candy corn. There is the traditional yellow/orange/white know as Candy Corn and then there is the brown/orange/white known as Indian Corn. I picked up 5 bags of the Indian Corn to make a few select smaller corn/cricket pieces for a few special people here on halloween.

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