Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Define The Structure Of Currency And Commerce Over Breakfast

Got up early and went over to the gallery to pick up my work from the show the other night. Did some damage control around the house and studio today. Then decided I'd rather read my book some more, Duchamp, so thats all I did all day. Well I hung up a few of the works left from the show in the house too. Totally dropped Candied Crikets #3 face-down right smack flat on the floor, only to hear myself scream OHH FUCK! But to my amazement, only a few corns fell off and I lost 2 heads and 1 leg. I really couldn't believe my luck. I figured when I pick it up I'd have a smashed mess... ha ha... "Then that would be the work." to quote Rauschenberg. But that's good construction for ya.

I love not having cable television again. It forces you to either - make art - clean - read a book. Good stuff them books. I ripped thru a few hundred pages today and am ready for a good sleep. The damn book is too big, like 500+ pages, but it's just getting good. Duchamp in NYC... ahhh the good stuff.

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