Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Finders & Keepers Of Simple Logic

4 New Works @ Doo Gallery's Tonight

- Dualis Trepidare
- Dualis Resolvere
- Asundered Transmogrification
- Candied Crickets

What a shitty shitty day... raining the whole thing thru. Not a great turnout at the show this evening... ohh well. Bad weather and halloween parties what can you do. Plus I didn't do any promotion myself really. But true to her character, Steph came out early and hung out for a bit in support even though we were like the only 2 there... ha. No one I knew came out. And while there were not many people I must admit I had a good time and met a few intersting folks that might work well in the comic book character show me and Matt Lane Harris are planning. Other than that... nada. Well I did purchase a piece from the show... something I never do, especially being as poor as I am right now. But it was only $100 and it made me smile, so I looked in my wallet, saw the hundred I had and plunkered it down.

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