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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Suppplied With Medically Useful Gases

So I finished these 3 pieces for the up coming Doo Gallery show this evening. And as I sat eating sushi with Steph the previous evening, I had a sinking feeling the entire time, just like with the Texas works, that something was lost or missing from them... something was incredebly wrong.

Unusual to my character tonight... and I'm speeking of the mornig of this day, Ocotber 22nd, but it is night and it is dark. Unusual to myself, even though I wore a hand made Damien Hirst pin on my shirt while we ate dead fish, I had an stedely growing unease about the 3 works as I made my way home.

So I came home and opened up on off my many Hirst gallery cataloges. The one that struck me first 'Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results, and Findings'. What stuck to me wasn't anything I found in the book, but the title. Just as most of Hirsts works the title envoked me to reflect on myself and my own work and just that of... Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results, and Findings'. I came to realize, after having taken a few moments away from everything, that the works themselves (my works) were not ill-concieved, but ill gotten in the sense that I had broken them up into 3 individual portions. I then took the work and laid them out on the floor in order of how they were created and was pleased as punch to see that the works actually functioned more as a single unit, than they did as broken elements. It was at that moment that I decided they were in fact one work, devised of three panels and could not effectivly be broken apart or added on to, in order to make their appearance more reticent for the viewer. They had to remain simple and in that the power of them would be the lack of the artists reveal.

I then figured that if I were to do some smaller afforadble works for the show, that they would have to be the jars I used for the Kettle/Dallas show. I envisioned small beautiful artifacts in pristine black cased coffers. Perfect and precious in every way. There would be no chance any person could complain of their contents or presentation souly based on the beauty of the artifacts within, as small as it was. Nothing could be more perfect than the small jar caontinaing some beautiful artifact. So thus, I've decided to continue beyond the three pieces which have now become one, and am moving to possibly create a set of 10 individual jars which will house the most exquisit of artifacts. But we'll see what time allows me.

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