Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, October 21, 2006

It Lives In The Smallest Parts of Us

And what does saturday bring us... more dead crickets of course. Sitting around nwatch horror films as has been the norm all month long. Come tomthink of it, I've been watching almost exclusivly horror films for the past 4 months. Ohh well. This morning it's Carpenters 'Prince of Darkness'. I like my horror mixed with a little physics. Of course I wish this film had been made a little better and the script had more math and theory to it, but I still love this film.

Crickets all around... crickets all around. Each of these pieces has a total of 100 crickets on them. At first glace you wouldn't think there are that many, but you can totally count them there. Strange enough. It just doesn't appear that there are that many for some reason. There are 530 candy corns on the works, which because of there mass may acount for the reason the crickets volume does not seem so great. I've already wrapped up 2 of the works and will have the third finished this evening.

Sushi later this evening... maybe even some cricket sushi. Ya never know.

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