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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just A Little Spot Can Do It

Got a really killer review of my work today from Standard Deluxe's Matt Lane — Thanks Matt. Big props to him.
Be sure to check out his site and order some of their amazing posters and t-shirts. And if you didn't know... Standard Deluxe is the shiz'nit!!

Standard Deluxe
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Thomas Arthur Schaefer
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So I found Damien Hirst's book ON THE WAY TO WORK at Hastings for like $15. Honestly. A gem like that could lay in the street for 9 months in this town and no one would pick it up. Any-damn-way, all the art readin has got me juices flowin (artistically speaking) enough so that I braved the 5 minute download of this site:

This is Tom's site. Tom's an artist living in Atlanta.
I met him a year ago in Chicago. I've seen some of his work, but nothing like the shit on the site. Damn. The kids good. The kids real fuckin good.

If I wasn't such a fat-lazy-asshole I could of had a body of work very similar to this, I should have a body of work right? (I flatter myself). I think Tom and I are on the same wavelength bout a lot of things. Honestly, I've been so impressed and obsessed with other peoples collages, lately (past 3 years) that I find it next to impossible to create my own.

But Tom's the product of a first class education, a keen eye, a keen intellect and good goddamn taste. He's active, too. Shoutouts to Tom. Go navigate his site for some killer stuff, kid.

He's promised to attend the old 280 boogie, so if you see him in Waverly on the 22nd, tell him he's a genius.

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