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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Was Trampled In The Streets By All These Mexicans

Not much happening today. I spent most of it recoving from being out last night at Lenny's with friends. Pretty interesting evening... but I had far too many drinks and had to step outside a few times to get some air. Lenny's is always packed full of smokers... gag.
A made a run to the art supply store today and bought a cool $100 in new brushes. I have this problem with not always cleaning them out, and after some time my supply becomes exausted. Maybe I should try clean them better... or maybe I need a cute little assistant to do that for me. Hmmmm...
So beside new brushes I also go a steal on a new quart of Liqitex Acrylic - Mars Black. Normally these buckets of paint (which are the best formulation of this brand... tubes suck) runs around $100 a pop... but some how this bucket was in clearence for $30. I couldn't belive it. Strange also was the fact that it was the only bucket of colored acrylic in the whole store... everything else is gesso and gel medium... ohh well. I won't need black paint forever.
I started painting on the 2 monochrome Fluoride paintings again. Starting with the blue one. I'll be working on these for few weeks or longer. I'd like to get them finished before the end of June... but the painting is really detailed and might take even longer... or maybe once I get back in my stride I'll knock them out fast. I haven't painted in oil for a few years now. It always takes me a few days to get back to that process of work. Oil was the main medium used in college, most of the works there were done in a matter of days. I need to get that skill back-a-running.

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