Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crisis Threatens Those Who Believe It To

Headed out with friends tonight so see the Selmenaires & Black Lips at Lenny's. Drinks before... of course.
Got some different postcards in order for mailing next week. I'm really lax on them this year.. and already Barker's are starting to pile up again. Lots of 'Sliced Bacon' hanging around my home. I'm gonna have to ask him what that's all about. Maybe I'll send him some sliced bacon of my own.
Thinking back I'm kinda upset I didn't try to mail any postcards while I was in Mexico... before I died. I would have liked seeing some Mexican stamps on my cards. I guess there's always a next time... even though I said I'll never go to that shit-hole of a country again. I only meant it at the time... that dirty place took my life damnit!! I can call it a shit-hole. Isn't that what people always say when they are near death in a location they'd rather not be... 'Ohh god, don't let me die in this shit-hole'... or was it hell-hole. Ohh well, at least the beer was cold there.

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