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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Days Of Truth Often Depend On Ones Nature And Status Quo

It was another late night. This evening I wrapped up production on the main 20 works for the show this weekend, thanks in large part to Kanka acting as my assistant for the entire evening. He's a hell-of-a dip'r. All 20 works are now spending the last day before their hanging, drying out completely. The works as of this early A.M. are dry to the touch, but still fluffy underneath. A full day and the marshmallow will begin to harden more.
In addition to the 20 works that i had originally planned, I have, in the dead of last night, produced 2 additional alternate works that are encased in vitrines. Tonight I will clean them up and get them ready for hanging friday as well. Although, I may consider displaying them on a pedestal v. wall mounting them. I'll have to see what the gallery will provide in terms of space, etc. Each of these pieces, which is a pair of 2 vitrines each — totaling 4, will be priced somewhere between $100 & $200 for the pair... that is something I will have to decide upon this evening. It will also need to be determined by how much more finishing details I'll add to the 2 works.
I was considering doing one additional piece (a collage/painting), but considering my time constraints, I will not even attempt to exceute this. The 2 alternate works are my primary focus and I'll really try to push 'up' their specialness factor (in terms of thier cool/special as opposed to retarded/special... of course).
So in total, I'll have 22 works at the show. 20 pieces @ $50 each and the other 2 as mentioned before.

Using heat gun to help set polyacrylic.

Drinking 40oz. to help set the mood.

Maneuvering the final set of bunnies into place.

The building of the vitrines was a very messy process.

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