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Monday, October 03, 2005

Momma Played Guitar



So I finished the basic structure for the coat this evening. In this state, it's as the 1950's pattern was meant to be (a long coat). It's inside out in this picture. Now I'm going to alter it. First removing 6" from the entire circumfrance of the bottom portion — this will make it closer to the length and cut I did in my drawings. Most of the bottom of the jacket is going to have detailed die cut in it so the weave of the dress will be seen thru that as well. Time to take this apart and start cutting away at it. After I get this alteration done I'll put it all back together and attach the sleeves, which I already cut this evening. Then I'm going to do a fitting with Steph and move on to the final alterations. Then take it all apart again and cut it out of the real paper.

This is my friend for this project. I bought this big sucker a few years back... not knowing exactly why I would need so much. It must have been on sale.

Found this old photograph of my mother on the internet today. She's the one on the right with the Martin guitar. It's titled Student Entertainers - 1967. Entertaining a capacity audience of the members of the school board and faculty after their annual January dinner in the Grand Island Jr.-Sr. High School in 1967 were (left) Reg Schopp, Denise Blackmore, Gayle Gaston, Deborah Carr, Kevin Carr and Daryl Kutzbach.

This is a picture of the street I grew up on back in upstate New York. This is Sunset Drive way before my time... 1952. My father grew up in one of the little white houses on the right hand side of the street in the back. The river feeds Niagra Falls and has a swift current.

Kanka has a new toy that he was showing me last evening... it's a crazy powerful remote mobile flash kit... man that thing is bright. We hung around his place last night before we went to the CC Throwdown. I'll post pictures and video from that event tomorrow, after I go thru it all and edit it.

OCTOBER 3, 2005
BARKER - H5N1 (postcard)
BLACKMON - H5N1 (postcard)
JANSSEN - H5N1 (postcard)
KANKA - H5N1 (postcard)
KUTZBACH - H5N1 (postcard)
LINTON - H5N1 (postcard)
LUDWIG - H5N1 (postcard)
NEWMAN - H5N1 (postcard)
NEWTON & GEIER - H5N1 (postcard)
NOBLE - H5N1 (postcard)
PEARSON - H5N1 (postcard)
STATTS - H5N1 (postcard)
STOUT - H5N1 (postcard)
VINSON - H5N1 (postcard)
WEISS - H5N1 (postcard)
YORK - H5N1 (postcard)

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