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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Everyone Has Fun With Stickers!



So today I ran around town with Steph. We grabbed some grub at Thumbs Up and began taking care of all sorts of errands... most important of all — the purchase of a pair of white shoes for the fashion show. We hit the art store to pick up a massive amount of X-Acto blades (since I was fresh out) at PEARL. I also picked up a really cool patterned trim die cutter that I might use on the edging of some of the dress. I was testing it out a bit this evening and it looks really great... the pattern runs 2" and I'll use it to run an 18" strip down both sides of the inner and out dress components.
Later in the afternoon Steph did a fitting of the dress portion with the shoes and it looked pretty good. Not to long not too short (I adjusted the dress form correctly). Steph walked around a bit in it and the dress stayed in place pretty well, but I'm going to add an adjustment or two to help keep it in place just a little better. I like the fact that it can move, but I don't want it to shift so much that it looses its form completely... this is the fear. So I'll make sure that doesn't happen with a few select adjustments to each adjacent piece.
Most of the die cutting is complete for the dress portion. I only have a little bit more to do here and there (thankfully). Then I'll move immediately to the jacket. I'll be traveling to North Carolina monday and tuesday to print another book this week so inbetween press checks I'm going to assemble all of the smaller pieces for the jacket (shoulder bands, medals, and such). They are small enough to get done over those two days. Once I get the jacket complete I'll only have attach these pieces.
The last important piece to this outfit is the military hat... which thankfully I've already mapped out. It will only take me a day to complete it. Yeah I also measured Stephs cute little head today... so everything is pretty much covered. I hope.... ??
Well back to it... huu'raah!!

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