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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Means To You What Means To Me

Had a good conversation last night that made me think about my work on the ride home. My current meticulous organiztion of work, media, and materials is a form of Retroconsumerism. Almost turning my own life and home into a kind of 24/7 Walmart of my life. I like that... at least at my Walmart I consume products I desire... but this also raised another question... wasn't there something else back in the back when time?
From this plain of thought, I dug up some old notes and then concepted a new work that I will execute this week. And baby... it's all about the title (well not really)... a totally Damien Hirst expression of long-windedness I will admit.
So... I have concepted a few pieces about 4 years ago based on the ideals behind the idiom of Annihilationism, this work will be a departure from those works but still the first ever physically created. I'm very excited about it. The concept deals in total extremes. Like Ray Johnson's gesture of reconstituting his previous work into small white blocks, I too will take a legitimate work and reduce it to its fined part, but in doing so also remove another step in my art creation process — documentation. This form of fact collecting has become very important in the current work of the past 4 years. With this new work we will break the documentational barrier by taking the work to its most finite stage and having that be the work. i will create the work in one of several ways. The first form of Annihilationism is based on a work that is created to the point of obliteration without any form of documentation. This style can be done alone, simply leaving the artist with a title and no tangible work or could even be performed live (leaving only human memory to document). Annihilationism in it's second form — works of art, worked and manipulated so vehemently that they no longer resemble the original work... but thus become the work.
I wonder if one could create a work in the second form while on video but with the work out of view. Does the work then become the footaage that was shot, the obliterated work, the performance live, or alterior documentation other than film.

annihilate |əˈnī-əˌlāt| verb [ trans. ]
destroy utterly; obliterate

annihilationism |əˈnī-əˌlāt sh ənˈizəm| noun
an early 21st-century style and movement in art, in which the artist utterly destroys a work until it exists, just as it did the moment before it's conception

The Cult Of Ray Johnson Five Part Plan For Success

1. Paint all my artwork white
2. Cut it into tiny pieces
3. Roughly sand the pieces
4. Put pieces into envelopes
5. Mail envelopes
6. Go for a swim

DECEMBER 6, 2005
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STOUT - Swimming Lessons: Gesture 04 — Cult of Ray Johnson (postcard/pin)
VICTORE - Swimming Lessons: Gesture 04 — Cult of Ray Johnson (postcard/pin)

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