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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Domesticated Tricksters Are Showing Bits And Pieces In Your Cities Malls

United States Postal Office.... how dare you!

When I went to my mail box this evening I was greeted by a large official envelope from the USPS. Wow something good I figured, perhaps a mailng from a friend that got damaged. When I opened the envelope I found 4 sets of my recent mailngs and a hand written note. Here is what the note said.

To whom it may concern:

These letters have been sent back to you because they are lacking the 12¢ extra that we charge. The button you have on the letters is the reason for the surcharge. Please make the change for any future mailngs. Thank you for understanding. — USPS

So... understanding huh. Let me tell you people about understanding. What I understand is that you are completely wrong. First of all, these are not letters, they are postcards. A letter goes in an envelope... postcards do not. If they did, they would then become letters. Secondly these cards already have your 12¢ surcharge paid for on them because of their 37¢ or 39¢ stamps. Still don't understand... we let's look at the your regulations shall we.

USPS Postcard Regulations
Regular size ($0.23 each):
Maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high

Large size ($0.37 each):
More than: 6 inches long or 4-1/4 inches high

All clear... good. So what does this mean. The cards you returned measure 6" x 4" (below regular size). They do not have a 23¢ stamp on them, they have a 37¢ or 39¢ — some 14¢ – 16¢ more than 23¢ and more than what you claim is now required. You say you need the 12¢... hey like I said, it's already included stupid.

Now lets say that these were letters... guess what again... they weigh less than the 37¢ required for a first class letter. So again... what are you people thinking here.

Tomorrow I'm going to go have a little chat with the USPS and get this taken care of. Make sure they understand that I know more about their regulations than they obviously do. These cards will mail tomorrow as is or we'll be talking to the Post Master General.

So to Barker, Kanka, Stout, and Victore... I must appologize for these idiots. Because of them, you have been denied 4 sets of cards and quit possibly, like many of my other correspondents, may be asked to pay 12¢ when it is not nessesary.

New Correspondents

Bedard - Atlanta, Georgia
Bonanno - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Chavarria - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Cordero - Tampa, Florida
Mangle - Jersey City, New York
Medley - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Meister -Atlanta, Georgia
Seiler - Burbank, California

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