Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Monday, December 19, 2005

I Was A Nazi Stormtrooper — Cooking Lessons From The German Front In My Head

Went out looking for frames yesterday afternoon for the now completed 'Fifty Fivers'. Found lots of great quality glass frames for cheap prices, but I need 25 of them. I wasn't too interested in paying out that wad of cash until I had explored all my options, so I didn't leave with a big cart full of them. I did pick up a few items here and there though. Purchased a clear slip-sleeve book to house the 50 burned Arnold secondary works. These are the sheets of paper that were used underneath the 'Fifty Fivers' as they were burned. Each sheet had a black & white image of Arnold being sworn in as California Governor Novermber 17, 2003.

I attached to each of these 8.5" x 11" sheets cut off portions of the color chips I used on the main pieces. I affixed the chips with melted canning wax. I used this same wax on the 'Fifty Fivers' as well. In the bottom corner of each work I dripped some wax and placed a nickel on it face down. Once all the wax had cooled I popped the nickels out. The wax took the impression and now when the light hits the work just right you get a relief of Jefferson. I also made 50 - 1" buttons out of the remaining materials — Arnold head tracings with a small hole punch circle from the color chips in each. These I will attach to a specialty postcard and mail out to my correspondents to commemorate the completion of the work.

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