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Friday, March 25, 2005

Playboys Need Play Girls

Yesterday I hit up as many people as I could to get old issues of Playboy magazine... I need the centerfolds for postal and paintings projects. So far today less than 24 hours after asking I've been given around 40 back issues of the magazine. Thank you Jackson and Reilly... you will both be rewarded.

Went to Kankas last night to begin work on yet another set of correspondences for the upcoming gallery show. I have to say the 2 works I began last night are absolutely amazing. I took 2 large cardboard corner braces (the kind used for shipping) and covered the front sides with 1/4" strips of Playboy centerfolds — over 100 hand-laid strips to be exact on each. Each corner brace is 35" tall and 8" in width. However each brace is folded in half on a 90° angle to form a corner 4"x4". The brilliance of the works is in the relationship between the materials and that fold - that 'centerfold'. These works are in fact called 'Centerfolds' and feature 2 centerfold girls 1/4" cut and stacked in alternating order, there are 2 centerfolds on each side. Last night I completed the 2 outer sides of both corner braces. One with Miss August/Miss August and the other with Miss January/Miss February. I plan on completing the insides this evening. Postage and address will be placed on the bottom right edge.
I am somewhat concernered about how I will get these into the postal system... but as with the theme of my works for this show the challenge, for this set, is less about the correspondence making it once it's in the USPS hands. The challenge is getting the USPS to ship them unwrapped and naked. Very exciting... I will post pictures this weekend after I weight them and figure postal rates.

MARCH 25, 2005
BARKER - Sunbeam Flowers 02 (postcard)
KANKA - Variant 03 (postcard)

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