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Monday, March 14, 2005

Michael Jackson Look What You've Done

Looks like Jackson is going to get off... again. Opps did I say get off... ha.
Neglected to bring mailings with me this morning... had a late start this morning and a later night. Stayed up till 4 finishing up a book on physics and diving into several articles in the latest Modern Painters. Hirst is on the cover... I'd love to take a trip up to NYC and see his new paintings at the Gagosian. I was really surprised to see he went to painting until i read an interview where he explained his theory of paining.

Interviewer: But why, in 2005, go back to oil paint? What makes this old technology worth using now?

Hirst: I decided recently that, in a way, all painting is sculpture. I've just bought a John Currin, and looking at it, I decided that layer of paint on the surface is just the same as an object in the room. You know - the deliciousness of it, the thing that makes you love the painting, is a physical thing, the building up of layers. You want to eat it...

Interviewer: The thickness of the paint also makes it optically different from a photographic print. The light passes through it and comes back.

Hirst: It's odd, especially oil paint. Crazy stuff. When we were painting the blood on those blood images I wanted the paint to pour a bit: when there's a connection between the material and the object you're representing, it's believable. Whereas if it's just like a photograph, it seems not to work.

No wonder so many people hate him... he's a genius. People are always saying he's no better than Jeff Koons. Just another salesman and sellout. Fuck that noise. Outside of never meeting the man, I've read almost every interview ever published on the guy and own several of his gallery catalogues and artists books. The man knows what he's talking about and beyond that, he knows what he wants and how to do it. How many modern day artists can say that. Beside Koons is a hack. SNORE

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