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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mail Your Little Heart Out

Mailroom dropped off my stack of Robert Blake cards this morning... some of the address labels were starting to peel because of the humidity, so I am affixing new ones and taking them to the post office. I'm thru sending things thru my mailroom. For starters I sent the Blake cards on friday. Why did it take until today for them to bring them back (thats unacceptable... and I let them know it too). Secondly Barker has informed me that most of my correspondences to him (some 75%) have not had their stamps hand canceled which is the the entire purpose of mailing them in the first place. Stupid mail room... I'm never using you idiots again. Going have to use the lunch hour every day to hit the post office. So for everyone who has asked me where are the Blakes... well they are being sent today.

Just recieved 2 new books that I've been waiting on for a while today. Dieter Roth: Books + Multiples which is one of three large retropective books put out by the Dieter Roth Foundation (it was the last one I needed) the other two volumes are Graphic Works and Unique Pieces. The other book I recieved today is Ray Johnson: I Am So Sad Today which features page after page of his hand typed letters (full size) and other various correspondences. This book is more about his writings than his paintings, even though it does have a healthy share of color plates in the back. Can't wait to dig into these books.

Finished up a set of 5 new cards for Barker tonight. They are nasty, nasty, nasty. Also worked on the Zimmerman correspondences... they are going to be really cool... I think that tomm. night I'll be able to finish up a few of them and be able to send them out end of this week and the following. Zimmerman sent me a really cool set of balsa wood postcards a day ago... they are really awsome. I was just upset that she sent all 4 on the same day. I think the messaging would have been more impactful if I had to wait on it. Anyways, I was really excited when I pulled them out of my box.... they totally rock.
Talked with Barker tonight, he clarified the concept of his gallery series for me — Under the Influence. Yup I knew it was something like that. They are gonna rock.
Figured out how the 'Frosted Flake' correspondences will work. I'm going to attach with string the following components.

- Plastic Spoon
- Carton of Milk (small school size)
- Plastic Bowl
- Baggie of Frosted Flakes

I'm not sure how the hell I'm going to send this monstrosity yet, but I'll figure it out this weekend. It will be rancid as all hell... I can't wait. Ohh yeah Barker also reminded me that the theme for this gallery show is “Cards From Beyond The Edge”... as Barker said... 'Man they don't know what they are getting themselves into.'.... and how!

MARCH 23, 2005
BARKER - Omitted Jughead 24 (postcard)
KANKA - Variant 01 (postcard)

BARKER - Your New Love (stuffed envelope)
KANKA - Your New Love (stuffed envelope)
NEWMAN - Your New Love (stuffed envelope)
WEISS - Your New Love (stuffed envelope)
YORK - Your New Love (stuffed envelope)

BARKER - Robert Blake (postcard)
DROZD - Robert Blake (postcard) INTERNATIONAL
KANKA - Robert Blake (postcard)
KANKOVÁ - Robert Blake (postcard) INTERNATIONAL
KUTZBACH - Robert Blake (postcard)
NEWMAN - Robert Blake (postcard)
SKOREPA - Robert Blake (postcard)
VINSON - Robert Blake (postcard)
WEISS - Robert Blake (postcard)
YORK - Robert Blake (postcard)

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