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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Building Tommorrow Today and Other Nonsense

Hung out at Kanka's last night and glued together about 50 new postcards for Barker. Kanka made fun of me... he said something like 'You disgust me... you make like 50 things in no time.. you are crazy production line. Your own factory.' Something like that. He had a irritated look on his face... so we had another drink.

Got a nice raise in salary at work today..
Boo-ya-casha — HARD WORK + PATIENCE = MONEY.

Have Barkers new postcards all layed out on the floor... gonna start diggin into them tonight. Lots of pretty colors I'm thinking... err maybe just Liquitex Acrylic: Brilliant Blue. Also printed the final component for the mass Valentines correspoindences this afternoon. I spent a few minutes reformating them. THEY WILL FINALLY GO OUT THIS WEEK... I think however I will get them postmarked on the Monday the 14th... just for laffs. February is my month sucka'.
Time to get to work... more to come. — 6:45PM

Found a brilliant transition from red to blue via the editors office and a sonnet to a tiger lily! Really I did... HA! I love chaos... it always works if you look for it. Barkers 'Omitted Jugheads' are now 25 strong. Yippie for omittion for omittions sake. — 12:34AM

MARCH 08, 2005
BARKER - Omitted Jughead 19 (postcard)

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