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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sinners A North Eastern Wind

End of the week yet again. Still impressed with how fast this year went by... But that's a good thing too. I'm ready to move on to 2010.
Going to be a busy weekend as usual... Multiple websites to build, a couple of logos to develop, t-shirts to design. I guess some of this could have been done this now past week, but I was out and about more than usual, so it's pay-back I suppose.

Headed out late last nite to get some drinks at Trader Vic's with Chuk and listen to Tongo Hiti kick out the jams. London Sours for me... I beleive Chuk was rocking the Mai-Tai's. We met some girl at the bar who proceeded to tell us about how she was bitten severly by a scorpion on the shoulder. It got really interesting when she went on to explain how some cowboy handed her a tin of SKOAL and told her to apply it to the bite to withdraw the venom. That's Texas for ya... Ohh yeah her story took place in Texas and the cowboy was at some farmers market sipping coffee with other cowboys... Yup... That's Texas for ya. I think she was a dental hygenist. Not sure but she did mention scrubs and I thought I heard the word dental at some point. She had bottom only braces, but that's just a detail, nothing to do with her profession. Chuk and I did discuss the braces situation for a moment... He beleives you are safe with bottom braces, it's the tops you have to watch out for. I think tops are safe and the bottoms are more of a danger.

Left there about midnight and I went over to ElMyr where I stayed till closing. Ended up talking with this dude at the bar about fine art and such. Turns out he was the guy with the ponytail robot outfit I took some snaps of on Halloween. I'm always amazed at how small this town really is sometimes. Always bumping into to folks I wouldn't expect to run into on a regular basis. Guess that's happens when you actually leave the house.

So now it's Friday afternoon and I'm hanging out downtown at Six Feet Under. Ending up here a good deal lately... I know this via the wad of Valet parking stubs in my car. Ohh well... It's close to the office and they have Dog Fish Head 90 on tap. That's good stuff there. Tonight I'm gonna be working in the studio... Silkscreen stuff probably.

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