Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Natural Swaying Via Forced Meditation

Spent the weekend working on side projects and client web sites. Tonight I put a fresh coat of silver on a new batch of cheeseburgers. This will be the final state for these pieces. I'm not going to do any of these, unless they are in silver from now on. These are all McDonalds cheeseburgers. I'm going to give Burger King a go next. I like their sesame seed buns. Of course, the McDonald Big Mac is another item I've spent a good deal of time looking to replicate.. but these I'd like to cast in plaster or if I could afford it some type of metal... maybe even aluminium [Al, 13] if I could find a place to do them. I've been experimenting with freezing the sandwiches to see if they could get to an optimal state where I could use some form of dental plaster to develop a production mold for them. I'll have to do an even amount to the number of Big Mac containers I have in the studio right now... I think the count is somewhere around 65 or 70. I suppose at this point I'd like to make it an even 100... with a few extra artists proofs/variants as well.

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