Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Thursday, November 05, 2009

On This Ship We Execute Doctors

Working downtown today at the INK office by myself. Cranking out some emails and becoming mildly amused by the Dr. Who episode that is playing in the background. Have to head off to the opening of PolyART tonight at P'cheen to see if they let my pseudo-science meets religion dirty little drawing hang. It's nothing special really... but I dig the simple composition of it anyways.

7:30PM ~ So I'm over here at PolyART drinking Guinness. It's pretty slow here, and I've done enough of these things, so I'm not too suprised, but it might pick up. There may be some friends stopping in, so I'm probably going to stick around for a bit and see who shows up. Grady called me a douche on FB today, so I doubt he'll show up, but he is a mad man and you never know. I'll probably run into him over at ElMyr later, so I'll kick his ass for calling me names and then buy him a shot.

8:40 ~ enough of that noise. Over at ElMyr... Tall boy PBR. It's Nates last night in town... And guess where he is. Yup. Gonna buy shots for his table like right now.

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