Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm A Giant Duck

People are always saying that there is something really wrong with me when I tell them that I'm totally infatuated with Sandra Bernhard. Damn it I don't care what people think of me... she is hot. Maybe it's the attitude... maybe it's her lips.

Chillin' at the office today... working working. The plan is to launch TONIGHT. Just have a few things to finish (copy writing) and then it's ready to go. It's pretty exciting seeing that I have been tooling with this new site for almost a year and just rewrote all the code for it (basically rebuilding it from scratch) just last month. But it's getting ready to launch and thats a good thing indeed. I've been getting inundated with jobs requests that I haven't been able to get to my own stuff. But I made a decision that had to get done before because that's where the money is coming from.

So in other news today I see that some guy has popped up claiming that his stepfather who died in 2006 was the Zodiac Killer. Pretty interesting stuff... even has the FBI looking into the claim. And the Zodiac is none other than Tarrance Kaufman. This case just never seems to go away.

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