Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And So Here We Go Again

Another evening at the immortal and illusive El Myr - Bruce and Wendy are in the house tonight... Patty just sauntered in. The antics for this visit began with my obligitory walk thru the door... "Thomas" then 2 steps in Wendy is in question mode over my participation in her roller birthday extravaganza... Buses leave at 9pm... Are you in! Well he'll yeah I'm in... Not much can tear me away from a drunken roller rink extravaganza... As long as there are free skates... There isn't much to pull me away. Tully shots follow and the bar erupts with conversations of couple skates. Ahh the
couple skate... There is nothing more exciting to me (inside a roller rink... Unless we are in a back room) than the couple skate. It's like 7th grade sex in motion and that's really exciting. I'm serious... People forget about the little things to much... The
holding of a hand, the unassuming glance... It's a highly sexually charged experience, especially when you are over the age of 30. Shit it's hot... Trust me. It's on the level of helping your sweetheart bowl... There is this a really amazing connection that occurrs
when you and your lady are charged together with a set of 10 pins in front of you... I think it's ten. It's a 'cute overload'... What else can I say. But anyways fools talking about
skating and I'm talking bowling... Agh it's the same white folk shit. So I'm still sitting here and such. Just got asked what constitutes a
Texas margariti.... Well I ain't from Texas... Barker is and he knows this shit not me. Hurt.

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