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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bolster Your Meandering

Why's everybody on my case suddenly over this blog stuff. I thought my life was pretty uneventful over the past year or two. So what's the sense in talking about my daily exploits. Granted I have left out a good two years worth of quality material... Which now I technically have no way to go back and reference. So outside of the occational road trip, gallery show, hours working in my studio, hours programing in my office, exploits with strange women, time spent wandering thru strange flee markets, traffic accidents, bar room scuffles, bouts with the drink, adventures at ElMyr, adventures at the Starlight and my general sneaking around town to attend events and shows, there really isn't all that much to write about. Well there has been, but everyone needs a little me time. Being on the go always makes it difficult to post new entries and photos. Two years ago I sat at a desk job 9-5, week in week out. I left a world where all my time was spent making mass mailer postcards or writing the daily entry in the blog... when my desk wasn't piled full of everyones workload. But since then things have changed and I'm on the go most of the time. In the past I could never say that I'm currently standing on the 22nd floor of one of my clients office buildings looking at this view while I type this and then snap a picture and place it after this sentence like this.

Of course now it seems I can thanks to some new technology. So alright... Maybe I have been lazy... maybe times have changed... things aren't what they used to be which is always a good thing... well sometimes. Maybe now I can find the time to document things on this blog again. Maybe I'll stop worrying about building other peoples blogs and websites and concentrate on my own once again. We'll see... but I'm obviously gonna have to recode something here so these darn pictures look bigger when I do a mobile post... that's a given.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom! What an interesting post. Me and your readers truly enjoyed it. Good to hear from you. WE (meaning I, your blog and them, your readers) promise not to use any information found here against you. Scouts-fucking-honor !
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