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Friday, March 24, 2006

Migrate Across Urban Country Holding Syphilis By The Hand

Chillin @ Callahan's

Cigarette Suspected... umm alright then. When the hell did I write this shit. I know I was out drinking last night, but did I come home and write this garbage. I was at a hockey game last night... so the sports references make sense... kinda. I must have written this. Shit I don't even know what it means... no idea what I'm talking about in that post. There's a first. I almost deleted it, but it's just too damned interesting... I'm not sure if I even wrote that. Wow...

So anyways... what the fuck is up with Why is it that every time I look on there, I find more and more people that I know. No... not 'you' people. I've known you were there all along (you should all write more... I'm getting bored)... I'm talking to the other people. It's strange... so strange... makes me almost feel like I'm creeping around these peoples houses when they're away. I guess it should be considered wrong to snoop on people in this fashion, but screw it. It's the internet. At least I'm not getting you Social Security number and ripping you all off (Note to self: Get Social Security numbers and rip these people off). I'm just as open to probing as the rest of you... though I could really give a shit about my own MySpace site. Well I did pull some pictures from it today... but anyways. I'm just stunned to keep finding people there.

So it's the end of the week again... time to hit the studio and paint. Ripping good times!

Ohh yeah... whats this crap about "crowned-garland"? Now I have to do reseach to see what the hell I was even talking about.

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