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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Life Has Got Me Down... What Will We Get... What Was That Word

Damn... I'm finally on it tonight — err this morning... it's late now... or early.
I'm starting to see where these works are going... even though the fact that the subject matter is highly antithetical to my own views, I feel I'll be able to make some interesting contrasts with these few works I'm doing to get myself back into 'the mode'. The early term I'm going to use for this set of works is 'Dysfunctional Pop'.... but it's bound to change.
The first set of work is 10 small green works about the relations between fruit and meat (what I've been seen working on in past posts). The second are three works dealing with rabbits and the narrative structure (fur and hunting meets story). I will also attempt to go hunt down three rabbits myself... yes real rabbit hunting. The third is a single work contrasting unweaned calves or veal and weaned newborns... should be interesting. All three works have been in beginning stages for well over a year and have now just been united as one unit or thought. So basically, it's a small set of work (14 to 15 works) based on the meat industry ... something that has interested me since grade school. Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" shall be the reading material to be completed before this weekend. This is probably the 6th time I'll be reading it.
Also each of the current 14 works is using a Golden Rectangle that is of course propotionally scaled, based on the Golden Ratio. The Golden Rectangle is a rectangle whose sides are in the proportion of the Golden Ratio. The theory of the Golden Rectangle is an aesthetic one, that the ratio is an aesthetically pleasing one and so can be found spontaneously or deliberately turning up in a great deal of art. Thus, for instance, the front of the Parthenon can be comfortably framed with a Golden Rectangle. How pleasing the Golden Rectangle is, and how often it really does turn up in art, may be largely a matter of interpretation and preference. The construction of a Golden Rectangle, however, is an interesting exercise in the geometry of the Golden Ratio.
The hope is to have the compositions be aesthetically pleasing no matter what the subject matter... some of which is real rotted meat — these are going to be fun.

I also requested rights to photos from a website against veal... we'll see if they allow me useage and hi-res files.

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Sounds like good stuff. When will you show though?