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Monday, March 13, 2006

In Need Of Locals As Our Collaborators

It's monday morning and I'm still sitting around watching films... just as I was yesterday (sunday afternoon). It's been Lucio Fulci all day and all night long... tonight or this morning I'm ending with his 1990 film 'Demonia'. Pretty interesting so far... some really good looking film work too.
Besides watching film yesterday, I also organized all my old movie tickets finally. I've had a huge jar full of them sitting around for years...must have been a few hundred... I always planned to use them in some sort of strange biographical work one day. But I think I might go a few more years with them. The oldest ticket, I'm ashamed to say, is a film I saw with my parents on christmas day back in 1990... just before we moved from New York to Tennessee. I'm really ashamed to say what it was, seeing that I was 13 at the time and looking back, hoped I had better taste... but it was a film I saw with the parents. The film... sorry — 'Home Alone'. What a terrible thing to even post on this blog, but it's true. The only saving grace is that it was written by John Hughs — to bad he didn't direct — Chris Columbus did. To his credit though, his first film was 'Adventures in Babysitting', staring one of my favorite hollywood hotties, Elisabeth Shue. I remember falling for her in the 'Karate Kid', which I saw with my mother — Shue was 21 and I was 7. God she was hot in that film. She's always been hot. Her best role, in my opinion, was surely 'Leaving Las Vegas'. Every man needs a woman as caring as she was in that film. Mike Figgis is just a great director to boot and Cage... well it's his best performance to date. Shue was 32 and I was 18. Hmm... kinda sounds similar to my current tastes in woman.. always wasting time with those older than me. Shue looked what you've done to me.
So besides thinking about the past yesterday and doing 'Shue Math' I worked out concepts and developed a required materials list for the newest set of 'meat' based works. I think they are going to turn out really well... I just need to get back to working on them again. I have been bothered all week with a tooth ache and have been getting my dentist changed to a new one — since I was never happy with my previous. I spent most of the weekend... and some of today of course (hate this business week crap) taking care of all the coverage bureaucracy involved in making sure my employer pays the brunt of what I'm sure will be my fourth root canal and fourth crown — all back molars... go figure. Ohh well... I've always thought of getting major surgery done on my teeth as a sort of penance for living in this current state of reality. There's something about the smell of burning teeth that will wake you up to the fact that there is a reality that we still have to deal with. Ahh well.. fuck it — I need to see my doctor and my hair stylist too... might as well make March a month of self improvement — or self masochism. That's what it all is... isn't it? I mean really... think about it. Why subject yourself to it. Health... come on. Health is an excuse to abuse oneself though means and reason of self-preservation, so we can continue to abuse ourselves further. Live longer — abuse yourself longer.

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