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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Goes Down Can't Be Found

With a little over 2 weeks before I have to fly to NYC and present my work, I've started the basic structural layouts of the presentation book I'm putting together for use in my casting interview process. It's going to be a horizontal 11x17 format. While some people might just have simple photos of work on white walls, I'm taking the approach that the graphical presentation of the work can lend itself favorably to the work as well. So I'm working on a base grid structure that I'll be working my layouts in. Pages will vary in format. Some will be heavily loaded with multiples of certain pieces (Donuts, Correspondences, 365 Pixel Project, etc), while others will be more light and only feature one piece in the layout. Other aspects that I want to interject into the layouts are details of the works and also possible photos of the works in progress, since the process for me is very important to the end product.

I have a good portion of the work already photographed, but last night I was pulling a large amount of work aside that I haven't shot or know whose photos are not that great if I need to print them in a 300dpi format. I also have some large sculptural pieces that have never been fully assembled that I need to shot in some environment as well.

Still not sure how I'm going to bind everything together, but I'll figure out something clean. I'm excited about the layouts. I think it's gonna be a real nice presentation of my body of work. The plan is to break everything out into sets and collections and then weave the work together in the pagination. I'll also be including small typographical info bits as well.

KANKA - Counterfeit Fakery (4x6 postcard)

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