Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Believing Is Half Process

So on my way to the BRAVO thing... Brooklyn in style on a bike. This experience totally made my morning. Loved cruising the town on a bike... can't beat it. Though I was a bit winded by the time I got to the museum.
Look... there is me at the museum finally. There was a huge line of people (2,000+) waiting to do this BRAVO interview thing. You don't get to see them though, because I was the only thing I was really concerned with.
After I biked back to the Drakefrod's from what I thought was a killer interview, we grabbed some beers and food.
Maggie Browns on Myrtle
Dinner later that night with friends. The beer tap handles here were killer... literally.
Fette Sau on Metropolitan Ave
It's past 10PM... no BRAVO call-backs for Mr. Schaefer. Here is me crying... ha ha.
UPDATE: Looks like call-backs didn't even matter. There never was a Season 3 of 'Work of Art'. So in the end I didn't lose really.

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