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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Come A Rockin...Try'n Act So Cool

Thats right... new from Ferrara Pan — "CHEWY Lemon-Head & Friends". Pretty great stuff... they also have CHEWY Fireballs, but I didn't try any of those. Ohh yeah also scored some MAMBAs from the candy racks as well... haven't seen that stuff since I was like 12 back up in Buffalo.
Was hanging out at Bothwell's new crib last night ... house warming party and such. Place was packed and then packed some more. Must have been well over 60+ at this little party. Hung outside by the fire most of the night with old Spin Creative types and other loyal friends. Lindy discovered an interesting method of wearing pants when doing the whole fire thing... pretty brilliant stuff. Lots of crazy fools all over the place last night, some pretty cool neighboors hung out by the fire and guzzled beer with us. There was almost a fight at one point and tons of good looking ladies... Ouch.
When I was leaving a group of us got caught up in a conversation with some crazy neighborhood lady who was poppin Colt 45's and telling jokes to us in the driveway. She really seemed to have something against Billy D. Williams and when I confronted her on it she said..."Quiet down there Superman I'm trying to tell you'z a story now!" I think she meant it too... though I've never been referred to as Superman before. Maybe she had me mixed up with that Clark Kent guy.

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