Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And You've Been So Busy Lately

Yes I have been busy lately... to busy to do anything fun it seems. Nope... haven't sent any postcards recently. Nope... have made any new prints lately. Nope... have finished building the exposure table. But anyways... there is much to to and then there are other things to do on top of that. I've got this double set of white boards staring me down. They look pretty formidable with all the organized gibberish I've written on them. My mission is to erase as much of that board as possible before it over fills with to much work. Filthy... it's just filthy.
On an up note I have recently finished building out my reference and completed art storage room. Floor to ceiling shelving all around and a small stand-up table in the center of the room. So I've gotten all the finished pieces out of the studio space finally and into they finalization and archiving room. It's a pretty smart set-up since my office is right next to the space... so pulling refernce materials to build up this site will happen really fast now. Good stuff.
Anyways... tonight or well this morning arleady i suppose I'm up late working on a web site for a client... yup... Good stuff.

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