Thomas Arthur Schaefer

Sunday, August 06, 2006

She Gave Me One Of Those Unorthodox Grins Buttressed By A Bruised Licorice Chin

So yeah donuts over here... donuts over there... and jimmies and nonpareils all over the first floor of my home. I've come to the realization that there is not stoping them. They will go where ever they want, at any time and they will get into everything. So lately, I've had to resort to busting out the shop-vac at least three times a night in order to keep my floor as particle free as possible. All that said, theres a huge amount of preped 5" x 5" box frames neatly layed out throughout my studio. I still have a hell of a lot more to build out but at least at this point in the game I can say I have a good 4 dozen built out and ready for their final phase.

I'm in the process of developing the backing materials for each of these works. I've been painstakingly tracking down all of the nutritional fact/ingredients for each type of donut. It's amazing what you 'can't' find out there on the web these days. I'm actually going to have to call Krispy Kreme to get the ingredients in their Original Glaze donut. They don't list any real information about any of their wares on their web site. Ohh well... After I've collected all this information I'm plugging all this info into B/W labels I've designed to look just like the ones you see on the back of food now-a-days. They are gonna look really polished with these tags on them.

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